World Series Fever Leads to Reciprocal Insults, Prostitution


The crude boosterism of local tabs has certainly helped jack up interest in the World Series. Some people, of course, needed no help. A woman has been arrested for offering sexual favors for Series tickets. It pains us to reveal the 43-year old woman, Susan Finkelstein (pictured), is a Phillies fan.

The insults to Philadelphia bellowed by the Post and the News has not gone unnoticed elsewhere. “New York Post: Phillies, Philadelphia and Rocky Balboa all suck,” reports the Chicago Sun-Times. “It’s War,” cries the Philadelphia Fox News outlet, “New York Insults The Phanatic.” They strike back with reminiscences of The Dandy, a mascot employed by the Yankees from 1980 to 1985 who, Fox asserts, was “reportedly beaten up by unhappy Yankee fans.” Also: “the Yankees have been using actress Kate Hudson as their person in the stands during national TV games”…

Bleacher Report observes: “New York Hits on Everything But The Team…. Not a mention of Ryan Howard or Jimmy Rollins appeared nor did a mention on the fact that we took 2 out of 3 from them in NY… in this time of Americans going ‘Green’ for this post season try a more organic source of power in Ryan Howard instead of the artificial New York product of Alex Rodriguez.”

Making everything more tawdry are the usual stupid sports bets between politicians. Senators Schumer and Gillibrand are putting up Junior’s Cheesecakes against cheesesteaks from Senators Specter and Casey. Mayors Bloomberg and Nutter haven’t come up with a wager yet, but the Philadelphia Inquirer‘s John Gonzalez has a proposal: “If the Phils lose, we’ll take Rudy Giuliani and his entire brood off their hands — including aspiring golfer/incessant chatterbox Andrew Giuliani. If the Yanks lose, New York has to claim all of New Jersey north of Atlantic City.”