Thompson Slammed for Failing to Note Anti-Semitic Comment; Bloomberg Visits Sailors, Praises America


We re-elect the Mayor tomorrow. (Technically it’s an “election,” but come on.) The late hit on Bill Thompson in today’s Post is that he remained silent as a radio call-in talker passed an ethnic slur. During KISS-FM’s “Open Line” show, on which Thompson was a guest, one “Carl from Harlem” opined that Bloomberg “just thinks about helping the rich, the rich contractors, and the Jewish people of his persuasion…” Thompson thanked him without addressing the comment; he later said he missed that bit and anyway Carl was off the line by the time Thompson responded. and thus was unavailable for chastisement.

Thompson appeared earlier in the week on Dov Hikind’s radio show, where no such comments were passed, and called for an end to the Bloomberg ticket blitz.

Last night Bloomberg was airlifted onto the deck of the arriving USS New York, where he talked about 9/11 and handed out Yankee/FDNY/NYPD caps. “This has nothing to do with the campaign,” said the Mayor. “This is New York. This is America.”