Tea Partiers Invade Congress


Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who has famously called for “armed and dangerous” protests against the Democratic government (which she fears will create “re-education camps for young people“), is presently leading thousands of supporters to yell at Congress from its lawn. She refers to this event as “the Super Bowl of Freedom.”

Their casus belli is in this case the health care bill — “the crown jewel of Socialism,” as Bachman calls it — which is working its way through the legislature and just received the endorsement of the AARP.

Part of the plan is to get inside and make some trouble. Nine protesters occupied Democratic Senator Michael Bennet’s office this morning and were removed and arrested. Others gather outside and yell “Kill the bill” and “Can you hear us now?” sometimes through bullhorns.

The event is being covered on Blog Talk Radio, where actor Jon Voight is speaking now — oops, they seem to have lost the feed, and so are taking call-ins from citizens who declare interest in or fealty to the Tea Party movement.