Announcement: F2K, Wherein The 50 Worst Songs Of The Past Decade Are Listed And Thus Shamed, Is Now A Sound Of The City Enterprise


Dewey eats Truman! SOTC is happy to announce that starting Monday, November 30, we’ll be running the remaining 30 entries in F2K: The 50 Worst Songs of the ’00s, a profoundly hostile symposium/firing squad presented by former Idolator overlord Maura Johnston and noted chicken-wing enthusiast Christopher R. Weingarten. (Follow Chris on Twitter at @1000timesyes, now in the homestretch of his 1,000 Records Reviewed in 2009 fugue.) Begun last month but rudely interrupted 20 terrible tunes in by Idolator‘s rather unfortunate regime change, F2K rides again: If only to insure that Say Anything is not further impugned, we have commissioned Chris’ and Maura’s services. They will commence counting down (up?) from #30 to #1 starting Monday, one post a day, with, like, “Bonus Fridays” and whatnot to wrap this sucker up before Christmas.

Though nu-Idolator (bwahhahaha) was kind enough to scrap F2K’s original splash page, here’s a recap of the first 20 entries, #50 to #31. See you Monday. Looking forward to it.