State Senate Votes Down Gay Marriage Bill, 38-24


The New York Senate voted down the Marriage Equality Bill, on a roll call vote of 24 to 38.

The vote was taken after two hours of debate, ending with an impassioned plea by Senator Duane, during which time sniffling and crying could clearly be heard in the Senate gallery.

The roll call vote of 24 for, 38 opposed, revealed that most of the previously “undecideds” who kept the bill from a floor vote were in fact opposed. Though gay supporters were integral to their party re-taking the Senate, several Democrats, including pillar of virtue Hiram Monserrate, voted against the measure

“The bill is lost,” said the presiding officer, ending the years long effort to bring the bill to the Senate, which had already passed the Assembly.

Update: The vote tally here. Democrats voting no: Joseph Addabbo and Hiram Monserrate of Queens, Carl Kruger of Brooklyn, Darrel Aubertine, Shirley Huntley, George Onorato, William Stachowski. Republicans voting yes: None.


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