Two New Wine Shops Opening in Red Hook


The space that once held dearly departed LeNell’s is still for rent, but Red Hook is about to get two new wine shops within a few blocks of each other on Van Brunt Street.

Dry Dock Wine and Spirits (424 Van Brunt Street) has a website that proclaims it is opening soon, and invites potential customers to drop them a line suggesting booze to stock.

A few blocks north of Dry Dock is Botta de Vino (357 Van Brunt). The shop’s website notes that their opening date is in the hands of the liquor distribution regulators, but guesses at a Christmastime debut. Botta de Vino plans to have a cookbook library for customers’ reference, and regular Saturday tastings. Apparently they will also offer an outdoor area called La Botta Piazza, where customers can drink wine in the warmer months.


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