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How the other half misbehave on airplanes: Ivana Trump escorted off


Prominent ex-wife Ivana Trump celebrated the first day of the TSA’s new mystery security regulations by being, according to law enforcement authorities, “belligerent” and “aggravating” and forcing a two hour delay in a Delta Palm Beach-to-LaGuardia flight.

Trump, who reportedly took exception to the location of her seat and the behavior of children in the first class section, was offered headphones and a seat removed from the offending children, but chose instead to relieve her feelings by dropping numerous f-bombs (the Palm Beach Post, charmingly, reports her “calling the children “little fu…..” and telling passengers around her “f*@& you!”).

The f*@&fest apparently continued when Palm Beach deputies arrived, although a representative of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office reported Trump’s response to them, “from initial contact until Ms. Trump left the property,” as “f&%$ you.” She agreed to leave the plane when Delta offered her an alternative flight.

Just another data point in “unpredictable” TSA kremlinology. If you want to disoblige the flight crew and law enforcement authorities with impunity, money up.


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