It’s Official, World: Vampire Weekend’s Contra Is America’s #1 Record


Certainly a victory for something or other, one would sort of have to think. Contra sold 120,000 copies on its way to topping the charts, only the 12th time a nominally indie-distributed record has gone #1 since 1991, according to Billboard. (Sorry Ke$ha. Your reign on the top was short like leprechauns: Animal is at #3 and falling, while Susan Boyle’s omnipresent I Dreamed A Dream is back in the #2 spot.) Contra surely benefited from a sleepy early January week and not much in the way of competition, but it is still the top-selling record in the entire USA right now, and that has to mean something. (Another thing that may have helped it: Contra is a great record.) For context, Maura provides some of the sales figures for the indie titans (and P+J victors) of 2009. Will Vampire Weekend buck the trend or fall right into the pack? Tune in next week, I guess, and the week after that. Come back, Kevin McFrench. All is forgiven!