New App Finds Happy Hours Near You, Calls Cab


The Baby-Shaking app didn’t do it for us, but this one looks promising: L magazine announces a partnership with Cocktail Compass, with which we are told we can find “the nearest happy hour… its location, distance, and how long you’ll have before happy hour is over.” It also features an “all bars” search, if you just need a nearby tavern and don’t care what it costs, and a “Call a Cab tab” that recommends car services if you’re too drunk to drive — an accommodation probably born of Cocktail Compass’s previous incarnations in other, less mass-transit-enabled, cities, but still useful for days when you’re too drunk to walk to the subway.

We just tried it from Greenpoint. Did you know the Charleston and Iona start their happy hours at noon and 1 p.m., respectively? We didn’t, and this info alone was worth the price of the app — which is free, though you have to endure a little advertising. See you in a few rounds!

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