Rightbloggers Offer Tributes to the Late John Murtha


After taking a moment to attack the newly-dead John Murtha (“He seemed to characterize the Democratic Party’s ‘cut-and-run’ defeatism”), American Power applauded Minority Leader John Boehner’s kind words for Murtha and expressed the hope “that other conservatives will avoid the kinds of demonization campaigns that are so familiar on the left upon the death of controversial political leaders.”

This must be some kind of inside joke, as rightbloggers treated Murtha at the moment of his passing pretty much the way they treated Ted Kennedy at his.

“May he rot in Hell,” offered Bare Naked Islam. “Justice Delayed, But Not Denied,” said Jay Tea of Wizbang. “John Murtha, professional crook, is dead,” said South Bend Seven. “Ding, dong and all that.”

“John Murtha’s legacy should be that he broke two of the Ten Commandments,” said Yid with Lid, “do not bear false witness (Haditha) and don’t steal (earmarks and corruption)… For me, John Murtha represented everything bad about politicians…”

Autographed Letter Signed ran some of his her favorite Photoshop satires of Murtha and observed, “When I heard the news of the death of John Murtha (D-PA) after complications from gall bladder surgery, I did not have one moment of concern.”

“But unlike the left when conservatives fall ill and pass on, I’ll wait until he’s buried to celebrate the loss,” wrote Chicago Ray. “And celebrate I will, as today America just became a better place. Rest in misery traitor, never leave your men on the beach you fat fu**.”

“Rest in peace, Congressman,” said Right, Wing-Nut. “And I will rest easier, knowing you will be doing no further harm to Americans in uniform, and that your pork-sucking liberalism will be (hopefully) replaced with some common-sense conservatism…”

“Although the passing of any indivudal is a cause for grief,” said Haze Gray and Underway, “this may have been his only honorable exit.”

“Look for insincere lamentations elsewhere,” said The Pajamahadin. “If I feel sorry for anyone, it’s his family who will have to get jobs now instead of simply living off the pork he brought home. Actually, I don’t feel sorry for them at all.”

Commenters at rightblogger sites, and conservative tweets (“John Murtha kicks the bucket! Say hello to Ted Kennedy for me while you’re down there [he should be the alcohol lamp on Satan’s desk]”), are just as you would imagine.

It should be mentioned that some rightbloggers, like Red State Conservative, offered the sort of brief tributes customary among decent people after the death of an adversary.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 8, 2010

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