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Rightbloggers Observe Kennedy’s Passing Pretty Much the Way You Would Expect


Rightbloggers observed the death of Ted Kennedy with their customary grace.

“By my reckoning, he left the country worse off than he found it, and to the moment of his death supported legislation that, if enacted, will make it a lot harder for the generation of my children to succeed, thrive, and reach for their own stars,” eulogizes TigerHawk. ” I wish Ted Kennedy had not led the life he did.”

“Teddy was stupid,” memorializes Lew Rockwell. “So who was running him all these years?”

“Ted Kennedy Finally Dies,” mourns Nordwave Florida. “Worst Traitor Since FDR.” “Ted Kennedy,” reflects Say Anything, “Icon and Murderer… My guess is that it will be very hot where he went.”

“The tsunami of sentimental pap about Kennedy is already churning, gushing, rushing to inundate the public with a nauseating and untruthful fairy tale about the ‘Lion of the Senate,’ says Roger Kimball. He also quotes a fellow eulogist: “He is the absolute worst.”

“The age of Kennedy ‘magic’ is over,” comforts HolyCoast. “And not a moment too soon.” They conclude their service with a Rush Limbaugh song parody.

Some concentrated on the crowning achievement of Kennedy’s life, Chappaquiddick. “Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment,” says Robert Stacy McCain. “What? You expected me to pass up this one last opportunity to use that line?… the knowledge of that finality is the only sadness I feel about Ted Kennedy’s death.”

VDARE recalls Kennedy work on the 1965 Immigration Act as a “murderous blow to America.” Ann Althouse, more in the spirit of an Irish wake, brings up “That time Teddy Kennedy called Obama ‘Osama bin Laden.'”

They are all agreed that the worst thing one could do in Kennedy’s memory would be to try and pass the health care reform to which he devoted decades of his life.

“The Democratic-leftists are already exploiting the liberal icon’s death for political gain,” says American Power. “Seriously, can’t they give it a few days before they use his death?” says William Teach.

Michelle Malkin objects to “crass calls to pass the health care takeover to memorialize his death,” adding in a no doubt emotion-choked voice, “That’s no excuse to demonstrate the same lack of restraint in the other direction. Not now.” (The Anchoress adds that this is “nothing less than Kennedy himself would have expected and participated in,” and with her customary Christian charity muses, “what can one do when one is likely unfit for heaven, but possesses just enough charity and love to stave off hell?”)

Liberal protests that conservatives are speaking ill of the newly-dead “lose all legitimacy,” says Jonah Goldberg, “the moment liberals try to use his memory to steam roll a health-care bill through Congress.”

There really are two very different kinds of people in the world. Those categories aren’t “liberal” and “conservative,” but often they seem to match up pretty closely.

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