Anthony Bourdain in the Hudson Valley With a Food Boat


Last nights’ No Reservations: Hudson Valley was not our favorite of Bourdain’s adventures–that The Shining hotel interlude with an uncomfortable-looking Michael Ruhlman took up 20 minutes that could have been devoted to food. And what was up with the Dakota Fanning doppelganger? Still, the scene in the old-timers’ bar was priceless, and what food there was looked awfully good.

Plus, we saw the new frontier in movable kitchens.

Who needs food trucks when you can have food boats? As Bourdain sails down the Hudson, he comes across a boat selling hot dogs to waterborne passers-by, a phenomenon that is apparently not uncommon upstate.

But there’s no reason why New York City can’t have food boats. Like smaller versions of the The Frying Pan, the crafts could moor to docks in the East River and the Hudson, selling gyros, hot dogs, biryani, and okay, even cupcakes (we guess). It would partly solve the congestion problem that some cart and truck opponents point to, and would make a more scenic vista for eating on the run. On the other hand, the rivers are not centrally located for foot traffic. Still, we’d love to see someone with a recipe and a dream give it a shot.

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