There Are Now Enough Wine Shops in Red Hook for a Turf War


Pretty much the most accurate measure of Red Hook’s gentrification can be summed up by this headline found in the Brooklyn Paper this morning: “Call it the War of the Rosé! Red Hook wine shops battle it out.”

Yes. There are now enough wine shops in Red Hook for a turf war.

The paper reports that after the Discovery Channel’s “Construction Intervention” pitched in to help the owners of Botta de Vino open their Van Brunt Street store in a mere four days, the owners of Dry Dock, another Van Brunt Street wine and spirits shop, were both jealous and pissed off.

So Dry Dock’s owners, Mary and Ron Kyle, are trying to prevent Botta di Vino from getting a permit from the State Liquor Authority on the grounds that the store is too close to their own. The owners of Botta de Vino, Triciann and Jeff Botta, are in turn claiming that their business isn’t a threat to Dry Dock because they’re only planning to sell wine from smaller wineries, and that at the time they signed their lease, they were unaware of any neighborhood competition. For the record, we reported on the imminent opening of both of these places in December.

Meanwhile, there’s also a liquor store with a bullet-proof window on Van Brunt Street that’s been there for years, and at least one of its long-time workers can’t understand what the big deal is.

All of which is, frankly, hilarious. And, given the number of moving trucks Triciann Botta told the paper she’s been seeing each summer, surely an arbiter of things to come: One can only anticipate the fierce territorial skirmishes yet to break out among the future dog spas and children’s shoe boutiques of the neighborhood.