Lil Wayne Goes to Jail Today, But At Least We Have This Young Money “Roger That” Video to Remember Him By


Here is the first of a reported nine videos Lil Wayne shot in front of various green screens before reporting to Rikers today. This time, they opted for a comic strip treatment–fitting for not just Wayne but Nicki Minaj, who is basically a walking comic book character anyway. A Rikers guard filled MTV in on what Wayne can expect in prison: “He’ll be housed with inmates who are classified in his category, and he’ll be able to be a regular inmate. He’ll be able to watch television, go into the day room and congregate with people of his classification. He’ll have no preferable treatment at all. He’ll be treated like a regular inmate.”

Well, sort of. Wayne’s lawyer told the AP they’d be looking for protective custody for the rapper– “If Wayne had his druthers, he would not be asking for anything for himself,” she said, but celebrities are targets in jails, both from dudes trying to boost their own rep and, more commonly, aspiring rappers and rap moguls. This usually results in a reality TV show situation of celebrity confinement– Plaxico Burress and former “Sopranos” actor Lillo Brancato Jr. sharing a unit, for instance–where famous people are separated from the rest of the inmates but not one another. Although it seems like Gucci Mane is doing his bid in gen pop? Unclear. Anyway, hold your head, Wayne. Let’s all send more candy, care of Rikers, yeah?

Update: Nine videos, nine lives. To wit: Lil Wayne, Blessed By the Gods, Gets Bailed Out (Again) By Courthouse Fire

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