How To Dress Well Pay Heartfelt Homage to Kanye West, Release New Jam: “Mr. By & By”


We should’ve know that How to Dress Well’s Tom Krell would be particularly hard hit by Kanye West’s brain-meltingly brilliant blog post yesterday on the subject of creativity and the pyramids of Egypt, since when we interviewed him Krell more or less begged the Internet to get word to Kanye that he was looking to be adopted. (Us too!) But there was more to the How to Dress Well post that went up yesterday calling Kanye one of our “great geniuses” and empathizing re the whole “NIGHT DEMONS” thing. To wit: a hidden track! In the ellipses that follow “new how to dress well soon…,” there is in fact a link, and in that link a song. A jam actually. “Mr By & By”:

More falsetto white boy soul, straight from the airwaves of Denver’s KS 107.5 20 years ago. And, for the record, there is a whole new EP coming soon; in the meantime, there are the six other ones you can download or stream from the group right now.

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