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“Bloomberg’s Galpal” Diana Taylor Isn’t Running for Senate, but We Might Be Able to Get Campbell Brown’s Husband or Kara DioGuardi’s Dad


Yesterday Diana Taylor, a former state regulator better known in the local press for her relationship with our billionaire mayor, joined the list of local political celebrities being floated for a shot at Kirsten Gillibrand’s seat. Today, she dropped off the list. Taylor said in a statement this morning that she’s flattered, “but I have no intention of running for the U.S. Senate.”

Still floating: Dan Senor, a Bush family loyalist, Lieberman ally, former advisor to Iraq’s Coalition Government, and Campbell Brown’s husband. In the wings: Joseph DioGuardi, a former Republican congressman and “the father of “American Idol” judge Kara DioGuardi,” plans to announce that he’s entering the race with a Grand Central Station press conference on Tuesday.

The Times, which was more than a little bit enthusiastic about Harold Ford’s abortive run at the seat, says that Mike Bloomberg, who flirted with Harold Ford and Mort Zuckerman as potential candidates, is not unenthusiastic about Senor now. Senor reportedly met with Bloomberg’s getting people elected to stuff guy Kevin Sheekey last month.

The Times isn’t quite sure why Bloomberg is so unhappy about Gillibrand, but “sources” say it’s personal. He was all ready to convert her to his views on gun control, but she flipped too fast, so he thinks she lacks conviction. He thinks, the Times says, she’s “wishy-washy” (he’s known to have a soft spot for people who oppose him politically). Also, she comes from a political family, and he’s really a scrappy blue collar outsider at heart (which is why he hasn’t flown her to his place in Bermuda like he does all the other “lawmakers”).

Which is, of course, possible. And it’s entirely possible that all of this has nothing to do with the black eye Bloomberg and Sheekey and the Times got when their efforts on behalf of Caroline Kennedy, their high-profile candidate to be appointed to Hillary Clinton’s seat, went very badly indeed and the seat, messily, went to Gillibrand.

I feel certain the Times would have mentioned that.


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