Get A Load Of The Chosen Rejects, A Four-Disc Nirvana Bootleg That “Destroys That Piece Of Garbage With The Lights Out Any Day Of The Week”


With the Lights Out, you’ll recall, is the luxe box set they put out in 2004, but never mind that now. Here’s four discs’ worth (plus a set of BBC sessions) of Nirvana rarities/live tracks/demos/etc. that are a) apparently better quality and b) free. The pitch:

Here’s an essential Nirvana set. It’s a bootleg, but it absolutely destroys that piece of garbage WITH THE LIGHTS OUT any day of the week. This also has BETTER SOURCED material. The “official” box used shitty old dubs no better than those OUTCESTICIDE bootlegs from the 1990s, and then tried to cover up the poor sound by compressing the shit out of everything.

I don’t know who JWB is exactly, but he seems to have gotten his hands on lots of pre-broadcast masters, direct tapes, and the lowest generation dubs I’ve ever heard. I suspect he’s not far from the inner circle, quietly funneling things out he suspects will never see the proper light of day otherwise. The quality is that good.

Here’s the tracklist, separated into “Home Demos,” “Studio Sessions,” “Broadcasts,” and “Live Sessions.” Don’t know what “Montage of Heck” is but now you get two versions. Have fun.

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