New How to Dress Well: “Decisions”


So the next EP from the Cologne/Brooklyn-based ghost R&B collective How to Dress Well will be called Can’t See My Own Face – The Eternal Love 2, a title appropriately halfway between a never-released Lil Wayne/Juelz Santana mixtape and any given The-Dream LP–which pretty much sums up what these guys are about, sans the rapping, anyway.

“Decisions,” featuring Yüksel Arslan (in the abstract, inspirational sense, that is), is the first or second song to be released of the record: it’s typically sad and pretty and drenched in reverb, with a pleasantly thudding beat and an almost chorale finish. Pair it with the group’s reverent and spooky remix of Drake’s “Money to Blow,” which you can find on their Friendship Club #3 mix from a few weeks ago. Pretty sure this is what the music on the inside of my head sounds like most of the time.