Bunnies Flee Central Park in Search of Greener Pastures (or They’re Just Dead)


Not an April Fool’s joke: The bunnies are officially gone from Central Park. The native rabbit population, the Eastern cottontail, had died out. Or maybe they just got tired of sleeping with so many jerks and moved to the Midwest to meet a decent buck, settle down, and start a family.

Or, they’ve been eaten by feral cats, which is something we New Yorkers should all watch out for.

But as Deborah Perry from Vienna, Virginia, sagely explains in this educational video from the folks at the Daily News: “It’s not the worst death in the world for a rabbit. In the woods, they live a short, happy life and then somebody eats them? Not the worst thing in the world.”


The far less adorable animal populations of squirrels, raccoons, bats, rats, and avid cyclists remain.