Congrats: If You Visited Newark Last Month, You’re A Winner!


Last night, Newark mayor Cory Booker made a pretty exciting announcement over Twitter! And if you visited Newark last month, you were inevitably part of this big, awesome news. You’re a winner!

Because you didn’t die.

On one hand, this is incredible. On the other, this is awful. Because not too far from us is a place that hasn’t had a calendar month without someone killing someone else in over 40 years.

Police Director Garry McCarthy said he hopes to best a 43-day period from March to April of 2008, the longest span of time without a slaying in the city since 1961. Ten homicides have occurred in Newark since Jan. 1, and none have taken place in the South Ward, long believed to be Newark’s most dangerous section.

So! The Newark Kill Countdown begins now. Come on, City in the Garden State That Most Manhattanites Are So Profoundly Scared To Go Near They’d Rather Put Themselves Through The Hell of Flying Through LaGuardia or JFK instead: You can do this.

14 days and counting. Hopefully Newark isn’t a city who houses that one asshole out to kill someone on March 13th just to piss someone else off. That’d be awful. And just plain mean, too.