Subway Bathrooms Are Grosser Than Gross


If you’ve ever had to go — like, really go — while confined to the innards of the New York City subway system, you’ve gotten your own little private taste of hell. And if you haven’t, the fearless hand-sanitizer-toting journalists at amNewYork have done the dirty work for you. So to speak.

It took their rugged team of potty-finders 6 months to explore all of the nasty, nasty subway bathrooms of the New York subway system. What they found will probably not surprise any of us. The fact that they aren’t now in treatment for a variety of infectious diseases might.

• There are 129 restrooms in 77 of the system’s stations. Most “are overflowing with filth — if they are still open at all.” (About 60 have been locked or converted for other uses.)
• Of the restrooms available for public use, “a third were frightening caverns of garbage, urine, standing water, or unseemly smells.”
• At the 161st St.-Yankee Stadium Station, “a man smelling of marijuana was recently seen counting money in the men’s room.”
• Don’t expect toilet paper, soap, or hand dryers, unless you’re using the facilities at the Canarsie Rockaway Parkway, L: “It’s as good as it’s going to get.”
• The worst of the lot included the Astoria-Ditmars Blvd. station on the N, which “nearly caused an amNewYork reporter to feel faint during a recent visit.”

“I guess I’ll have to hold it in until I get home,” said Jeff Reuben, 41, a Manhattan straphanger.

Wise move, Jeff. But may we suggest the bathroom at Crate and Barrel on Broadway at Houston? It’s lovely if you’re in the area.