Correction: Christina Aguilera’s “I Hate Boys” Is *Not* Co-Written By Le Tigre (Or Peaches, For That Matter)


Right, mea culpa: that Xtina song that leaked earlier today, supposedly co-written by downtown New York femme punks Le Tigre? Not actually co-written by Le Tigre! This according to someone who has seen the liner notes to Christina’s new record. Nor does the song feature Canadian electro-pornstress Peaches, as has also been bandied about today; instead, both guest on “My Girls,” which you’ll know when you hear it, because Peaches raps on it, and Christina shouts out all three members of Le Tigre, by name. This is something else–a vaguely Bikini Kill-sounding something else, but something else nonetheless. Apologies for adding to the internet disinformation vortex!