Mike Bloomberg Announces Mobile Tech Startup Investment, ‘MyCityWay’; Doesn’t Tell Arrington to F*ck Off


The mayor made a stop at New York’s hottest (read: most..current tech conference right now, TechCrunch Disrupt) a few minutes ago. Here’s what we learned:

  • Firstmark Capital is investing $300k in MyCityWay, which created the app NYC Way, winner of the NYC Big Apps competition. The company is now able to move to NY from Jersey. (Where they will burn through the $300k in two months)
  • He’s a “proud owner” of a new ipad: “It’s Amazing.”
  • Joked that before he took the stage, he updated his facebook page, posted a tweet, browsed Digg headlines, and posted a personal ad on Craiglist (insert Lebron joke here).
  • The next twitter “needs to be headquartered” in NY.
  • If you want to start a steel mill or grow corn, New York is not the place for you.
  • He’s “a big fan of quality media”. “An awful lot of the media has gone away from what the public wants to receive.” Uses The Economist as an example of how people will pay for content. Magazines are writing the same things everyone else is writing. Graphics have become more important than the words. He was probably referring to BusinessWeek.
  • Regarding how people read news: “You don’t know what is going to be important to you tomorrow. You want to hire someone who is going to make that decision for you. You can’t do that yourself.” He’s talking about editors…which kind of blew his Digg reference out of the water.
  • People won’t look at pop-up ads.
  • “Quality newspapers and magazines are still doing ok.”

His closing line: “Thank you all: Live in New York City” Given the way many TechCrunch attendees were wowed by Bloomberg’s Mickey Mouse-like stature to them, this is naturally a very real possibility in the foreseeable future.