Video: The MTA’s PayPass Touch-and-Go Pilot Program in Action


Earlier today, we brought news of the MetroCard Killer known as PayPass, which is one of those wonderful little technologies much like London’s Oystercard service: You touch a card to a sensor, and it lets you through. No more “SWIPE AGAIN” error messages for New Yorkers? Oh yes. And now, there’s video of it in action.

Via the Mastercard website set up for these shenanigans, presenting the future:

That’s a pretty sweet contract for Mastercard, no? The big feature that they’re touting of this is that you can have a Metrocard and NJ Transit account on the same card, so you only have to carry one card. It’s like an EZ Pass for people!

Honestly, what matters here: status. You’ve got one of these bad boys, you’re ahead of the commuting curve. Who’ll be the first early adopter/Metrocard Killer amongst your friends? We’ll find out! And yes, as we will with every Death of the Metrocard post, the salute:

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