Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Has Taken the Hoodie Off, Admits to Doing “Stupid Things”


Facebook’s young billionaire-in-charge, Mark Zuckerberg, is currently speaking in a discussion at All Things Digital’s D8 conference, where — as reported first by SF Weekly’s Alexia Tsotsis — Mark Zuckerberg took off his hoodie, which is a thing.

Via Alexia:

“Great moments in Internet history: Sweat beading on his forehead, Mark Zuckerberg takes off his weird company hoodie onstage.”

Oh, also, he basically maybe just admitted to some of the ridiculously pompous IMs and emails he maybe once sent regarding privacy in Facebook’s pre-natal stages. Via Mahalo’s Jason Calacanis:

Zuckerberg: I did a lot of stupid things when I was a kid. He’s babbling-literally saying nothing.

The wonderful picture accompanying it: