Facebook Photos of NYC’s Red-Hot Russian Spy, “Anna Chapman,” With Captions!


So! Anna Chapman — if that is her real name — is supposedly some kind of Russian Spy, and the feds totally busted her and a bunch of other Russian spies yesterday. Which is crazy. I can personally attest, however, to know one thing she didn’t come to America for: to bring secrets of what it’s like being SEXY AND HOT AND BANGIN’ IN AMERIKA back to Mother Russia. Because Anna Chapman — if that is her real name — is hot. Like, ‘Call me when you get out of your next interrogation, I’m a nice Jewish boy who probably would’ve been on trial with Arthur Miller in 1957‘ *makes phone with hands* ‘no, seriously, hollerback, lady‘-hot. But is this woman TOO HOT TO BE A RUSSIAN SPY?

Seeing as how this is the Village Voice — where we are, after all, Excessively Sexy Experts — we found Anna Chapman’s Facebook page and posted some photos, which follow this link. And we paginated the shit out of them for capital-P Pageviews. Now come along on a Red Hot photo-post of crazy-sexy Undercover New York Russian Spy photos!

Okay, fine, you earned it. Here’s the link to the Facebook page. Go ‘spy’ on her, you fucking creep. I’m off…to the gym. Or something.