The Handsomest Actor Ever


His name was Jean Sorel, and, in fact, it still is. The Frenchman is 75 and keeps on working.

But Sorel’s heyday was the ’60s and ’70s, when his dreamy features and glossy, immovable hair filled the screen in Sidney Lumet‘s fiery A View From the Bridge, Bunuel’s wry classic Belle De Jour, and my favorite cult thriller set in Majorca, A Quiet Place to Kill, in which he fights back after ex-wife Carroll Baker tries to murder him for a second time.

(Fortunately, he fights back in a bathing suit — and with some very kooky dialogue and plot twists.)

The reader who did this stunning montage, feels Sorel was very “Brad Pitt-Alain Delon-Robert Wagner-Bobby Sherman-Roger Moore-Ken doll prototype,” and I totally agree, but I have to add a big dose of John Edwards, Chad Everett, and a game-show host.

Ooh la wow!