Holiday Weekend Morning Links: Congo Oil Tanker Blows, Paris Hilton’s World Cup Weed


• The world knows all too well the potential for destruction surrounding gigantic oil tankers and unfortunately it was demonstrated again when at least 230 people were killed, and nearly 200 more injured, when an oil tanker flipped and exploded in the Democratic Republic of Congo. According to reports, the tanker flipped, leading locals collect the oil. Tragically, one was smoking a cigarette and the whole thing exploded. This is world, reiterating: oil, cigarettes — dangerous. [CNN]

• Police detained beloved American icon Paris Hilton in South Africa outside of a World Cup stadium, where she was found with a wee bit of pot. Hilton quickly ate the marijuana, claiming it was in fact her salad lunch. The judge bought it and she was released back onto the world. Maybe. [WaPo]

• Saturday’s World Cup matches: at 10 a.m. EST, Argentina (helmed by egomaniac OG Diego Maradona) will take on Germany for the pleasure to face the winner of the afternoon game. The 2:30 game sees Paraguay take on Spain for the final spot in the semi-finals. Yeterday’s winners: Netherlands over Brazil and Uruguay over Ghana. [ESPN]

• Lady Gaga is well on her way to another milestone: 10 million Facebook fans. That’s more than Barack Obama. Here’s a weird sentence: “ said Lady Gaga is already the most popular living musician online, according to her following on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.” Weird, right? This is how we measure now. [Reuters]

• A four-year-old child had his finger sliced off by the escalator at Macy’s. As sad as that is — wishing the kid the a speedy discovery — there is a historical precedent for moments like this:

“Fear and respect that escalator.” Eep. [NYP]

• As it turns out, no one knows what Foursquare is. [Awl]