List: Top Ten Brooklyn Vegan Commenter Reactions To The Video Of The Beach Fossils Dude Throwing His Bass Into The East River


So here is delightful footage of, yes, Beach Fossils’ notably spastic bass player chucking his axe into the river during a Water Taxi Beach show. This is a thing with this band, apparently: 45 minutes or whatever of amiably, jangly, glo-fi good vibrations climaxing with 15 seconds of visceral, instrument-damaging (-drowning, in this case) rage. At Bruar Falls last week Mr. Bassist pretty much flattened the drummer’s kit with his, uh, body, so at least now he’s on to destroying his own shit. Brooklyn Vegan’s commenters, though, were unamused, for aesthetic/environmental/classist reasons. Here, a sample of their wit and wisdom.

* “5 years from now…. mutant fish release ‘chill-wave’ album”

* “they’re going to scare the straights with their antics because it’s 1965”

* “i am also frustrated with the sound of this band”

* “How can you afford your rock n’ roll lifestyle? Oh c’mon, tell me!” (1)

* “most interesting thing they’ve done”

* “nice hooks and appealing harmonic interplay”

* “whoa brah hardcore! nice shorts lol!”

* “Beach Fossils = Warrant of chill-wave. Scene = dead. Stop this shit already kiddos. Start making music about the forrest or something.”

* “univox hi flyer goodbye fly away this blandness”

* “nitrous mafia!”

(1) Cake shout-outs will always receive special considerations.