Jersey Shore’s Snooki Takes Vajazzling to the Masses on Lopez Tonight


This was inevitable. Last night, the Jersey Shore cast played a game of “I Never” on Lopez Tonight with Kathy Griffin and George Lopez, drinking to things they had done with prompts like, “I never had a girl sleep over who left orange streaks on my sheets” (Ronnie and the Situation drank). But the real kicker came when Lopez read, “I have never been Vajazzled.” And Snooki took a GULP out of her red Solo cup. “It’s where you put little sequins on your peesh,” Griffin said, making sure everyone could fully appreciate the moment (she showed off her own Vajazzle earlier in the show!).

First of all, why is George Lopez, of all people, obsessed with Vajazzling??! He interviewed Jennifer Love Hewitt when she revealed she had it done and highly recommended it. “After a break-up, a friend of mine Swarovski-crystalled my, um, precious lady, and it shined like a disco ball!” she said proudly. (Side note: Love Hewitt also declared “2010, it’s all about the booty.” We knew it!) Anyway, this whole Vajazzling trend clearly has mass appeal. Maybe disco-ball is the new Brazilian, and J-Love was simply the first to realize the look’s potential.

Months ago, we (well, Foster) asked the question “To Vajazzle or not to Vajazzle?” We’ll take this as Snooki’s answer: “VTL…Vajazzle, Tan, Laundry!”

Since we know you’re curious, here’s the video of the Jersey Shore cast on Lopez Tonight.

And here’s the one who, quite possibly, started it all — Jennifer Love Hewitt on Lopez Tonight.