Legendary Hardcore Band Universal Order of Armageddon Are Reuniting, Will Play Death By Audio on July 25





Well, let’s not say “reuniting.” Writes drummer-turned-Del Posto pastry chef Brooks Headley: “It’s not a reunion! It’s a money losing labor of love!” Of all the bands from the first great American early ’90s post-hardcore wave — Born Against, Moss Icon, Man Is the Bastard, etc. — Universal Order of Armageddon seemed like one of the longest shots to reunite: their reign was brief and fierce and lasted only a couple of years in the first place. But a benefit for Baltimore’s Wham City drew them back in, and now Headley brings news that the band will perform in New York at Death By Audio (with locals Silk Flowers) the day after their already announced July 24th return at Whartscape.

Between Headley and Tonie Joy, the band’s erstwhile guitarist, UOA represents strands of nearly every great East Coast hardcore band from the ’90s, from the aforementioned Born Against and Moss Icon all the way through Mens Recovery Project, Skull Kontrol, and the Great Unraveling. Headley, of course, has more glamorous things to do these days: ask his former bandmate (and sometime Voice contributor) Sam McPheeters, whose bewildered, loving chronicle of attempting to understand how his quiet, seemingly ambitionless friend became a world class desert chef at a world class restaurant is required reading for anyone trying to figure out how punks become people. From McPheeters’ account of Headley’s job interview at Del Posto:

“I just want you to know, man, you are a total fucking risk. Nobody knows who you are. You’re just some guy from DC who shows up here. We have nothing on you.”

“What do you mean?” Brooks asked, confused.

“We googled you. And all we found was stuff about rock bands.”

Here’s to a few more Google results: Sunday, July 25th, Death by Audio, 11pm. Dude is too busy to be doing this all the time so don’t think this’ll happen all that many more times than that.