Last Night: Beach Fossils Say Goodbye To Guitarist Chris Burke at the Mercury Lounge


Beach Fossils/Small Black
Mercury Lounge
Wednesday, July 14

These last two weeks have been pretty exciting for Brooklyn’s Beach Fossils: first, their bassist threw his low-end ax off a boat at the conclusion of a Fourth of July performance, inspiring a load of heated love/hate on blogs and in Brooklyn Vegan comments. (Later, we asked John Pena why he did that.) Then, just days later, guitarist Chris Burke announced he was leaving the band to pursue other interests, namely his solo project, Red Romans, who we happened to see just last week. (There were only five people at that show; we’re taking bets on how quickly that will change…) Last night at Mercury Lounge was Burke’s last show with the band, and their last night in New York before hitting the road for a month-long tour. No one threw or broke any instruments, though Burke did break a string.