Williamsburg Madness: CrazyLady “Body Slams” Poor Doggie on Street in Front of Onlookers


Everyone knows the water in New York is special, but what the hell is Williamsburg getting in their tap these days, exactly? Sure, the neighborhood is particularly prone to bouts of surreal madness even the most seasoned New Yorker finds themselves eye-rolling at, but shocking? Maybe five years ago. Maybe. Yet, there’s this, now.

Via Gothamist and Brooklyn365, a bunch of ‘Burg residents saw this horrific scene go down last night:


Lady on N7 by Driggs went crazy in a rage throwing things out her window. She then walked her dog downstairs and body slammed it in to the pavement in front of a crowd. The dog is still alive – barely – and looks like it’ll have to be put down. The pic I sent is of a cop leaning down trying to give it water. They locked her up. People crying. Helicopter was out. Pretty big deal. Fucking cunt. I can show you where she lives. I saw the cops hanging out her window.


Also, from 365’s comments:

i saw this tonight as well. easily the most upsetting thing i’ve ever seen.

Not that Williamsburg ever needs to be reminded of what is and isn’t “cool” these days, but for the record, DOG BODY-SLAMMING IS NOT COOL. Also, if people are going insane in real estate as prime as Driggs and North 7th, the neighborhood must really be going to…well, not the dogs. Though at this point, they are probably owed a Karmic Debt somewhere along the lines of “run of it.” Remember, not that having to live off the Bedford stop is bad enough, but if you know of an animal getting abused — like this — in our city, from the ASPCA website:

You can report cruelty or fighting complaints to either the New York City Police Department or to the ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement department, which can be reached at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4450, or

This should be for dogs, not one going to them. That’s all we’ve got.