Leaked Memo From Rupert Murdoch: I Find Your Lack of Faith in Fridays Disturbing


News Corp chairman and unwitting prankster Rupert Murdoch doesn’t get this whole “Summer Friday” thing. Back in his day, the workweek started on Monday, and didn’t end until you’d enslaved a few nation-states (Saturday around 3 p.m.ish). Apparently, it’s such a problem under him that he sent a memo out this afternoon to all of his employees about it. And we have it right here Gawker had it like two hours ago:

From: Corporate Affairs <[email protected]>
Date: July 16, 2010 6:09:49 PM EDT

To: Corporate Affairs <[email protected]>
Subject: A note to staff from Rupert Murdoch

Please read the memo attached from Rupert Murdoch.

And the attachment?

Especially because THE SUN IS OUT! *Hisses* Looks like somebody desperately needs a trip to Margaritaville. Also looks like nobody’s going on his dime anytime soon, either.