Monday Funday: A Mel Gibson Crossword Puzzle Contest!


Contests! Everyone loves them. And Runnin’ Scared is having our first ever contest today! Meet Mel Gibson’s Crossword Puzzle, right below the jump. Complete it, and you can win an awesome prize!

So: Click to enlarge this bad boy in a separate window:




Now, if you’re familiar with all the funny things Mel “Mad Max” Gibson has been saying, you shouldn’t have a problem filling this out, as most of these are incredibly (but not really anymore) actual Mel Gibson quotes! Mel Gibson! Who Hollywood has given Academy Awards to and lots of money to and who made that Very Important Movie about that Very Important Religion! [Wouldn’t want to give away any answers…] And if you’re the first one to fill out and email the answers (or a scanned copy of the crossword) to us…

We will buy you any Mel Gibson DVD of your choice (up to a $24.99 value, because I’m sorry, but nobody really needs the Director’s Cut of Apocalypto, or whatever) and send it to you. May I recommend Maverick? I actually kind of enjoyed this movie but probably won’t any more because Mel Gibson is a psychopath. Anyway! Here are your clues. Good luck!


2. If you go out scantily clad, you will look like a _________.

5. If you are not real, then you and every part of you is this.

7. Your friend Alicia would only need ______ seconds with me.

8. I will do this to your house before you gift me with oral sex.

10. My Lethal Weapon co-star.

13. These guys are responsible for all the problems in the world.

14. You make me want to do this.

16. My homeland, which I obviously make proud every day.

19. It never happened, according to Dad.

21. If I am really fucking nice to you and you are not really fucking nice back, you are being a _____.

22. You don’t have one of these.

23. The kind of person I am.

24. I made a movie about this guy being beaten for two hours.

25. I’m sick of your this.


1. If you go out scantily clad, and get assaulted, whose fault will it be?

3. What you are to me.

4. Your friend Alicia would have ______ me.

6. I don’t have any of these.

9. If you go out scantily clad, you will get _________.

11. The kind of garden I’ll put you in (you cunt).

12. The movie I won a bunch of Oscars for.

15. Not a mutually exlusive term with being the mother of my child. Informal for “insane woman.”

17. What you give someone who is about to do damage to your place of residence.

18. Arresting female police officer (informal).

20. If you go out scantily clad, and get assaulted, it will be by a pack of these.