“Lying Nun” Exposed In (Hysterical) Pictures At the Post


The New York Post has exposed a “begging” “nun” in Little Italy as a fraud. “Sister Mindy,” formally known as Mindy LeGrand, tells passersby that she’s raising money for “St. Joseph’s,” an orphanage that doesn’t exist. So the Post scoped it out, and made quite the pictographic storyboard in revealing her fraudulent habit in a habit.

As a result, Sister Mindy has been subpoenaed by the Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. But they can’t find her! Officers showed up at her residence only to find her very confused daughter, unaware of her whereabouts.

Apparently, she and her family have been involved with organized crime of sorts since at least 1961, a year in which they also sent out a Sister Act that got busted when assaulting an inquisitive police officer. The LeGrand family runs St. John’s Pentecostal of Crown Heights — which has no official accreditation — and is apparently in some sort of tax debt, which is really the reason for Mindy’s hustling. So she’s basically involved in a lot of fraud all around. Here are links to some of the creme photos the Post churned out, feel free to add your own captions.

Seriously, Just give me enough money to buy some Shake Weights.”

Must get hot under that habit! And the first wrath of hell.

Need a light?

Sister Mindy wears shower shoes on her days off, uses them to trample her nun get-up.

We’re not surprised she was caught, either — she totally broke some serious Nun-Con Commandments:

1. If thou art going to say thou art raising money for an orphanage, thou might want to make sure thy orphanage actually exists.
2. Nuns shalt be either Catholic, Anglican Communion, or Eastern Orthodox. Not thine Episcopalian.
3. Nuns shalt usually cover thine arms.
4. But seriously, what is she wearing?
5. If thou art part of an organization that has been prior caught holy-hoaxing, thou might want to get thouself a new schtick.

Not that we encourage nun-conning, but if you’re gonna do it, you’re execution should be well-thought. Unless, of course, you can offer hysterical media coverage, which in the case of Sister Mindy, her sins of scamming have been (partially) pardoned with us. But, of course, if you see an ill-clad nun asking for tax money, do inform the authorities.