Kanye Explains His Attraction To Bon Iver: “He’s Similar To Me, Like Where He Just Does Shit Just So People Would Be Like, ‘Oh Shit, How Did You Do That?'”


Sorry, but I felt that quote deserved to be reprinted in full in the largest font I had immediately available. Yes, America, it would appear the Kanye-Bon Iver team-up is a real thing, per a chat with Rolling Stone in which he acknowledges — and we totally support this — stealing a BI track from the guy who runs Ed Banger. No, really:

Beyonce and Jay-Z aren’t West’s only collaboraters on the album: Indie-folk singer Justin Vernon of Bon Iver appears on “Lost in the World.” West told Rolling Stone that he flew Vernon to the Hawaii studio where the new disc was being cut, and had him rerecord the vocals from Bon Iver’s Auto-Tune experiment “Woods,” from the Blood Bank EP. Kanye first heard “Woods” when Ed Banger Records boss Pedro Winter played West the track and talked about his plan to sample it. West asked if he could use “Woods” instead, and quickly moved to get Bon Iver in the studio. “I called [Vernon] and we ended up becoming like really good friends, playing basketball together everyday, and going into the back studio and just record his parts,” West told RS. He’s similar to me, like where he just does shit just so people would be like, ‘Oh shit how did you do that? How did that happen?’ He’s just a really cool guy to be around.”

In case that sounds like bullshit to you, here is photographic proof that Justin Vernon has at least held a basketball:

Seems too snowy for him to actually have dribbled that thing anywhere right at that moment, but whatever. Kanye is probably playing a secret show you’re not invited to somewhere in NYC tonight where everyone has to wear, oh, I don’t know, chaps. Also, let it be known that our own Sean Fennessey sort of predicted this.

UPDATE: Bon Iver’s account of this budding friendship is even more entertaining.