Stressed-Out New Yorkers Perhaps Not as Stressed as They’d Have You Believe


While you may think you’re stressed (who’s stressed? It’s Friday!), and spend a lot of money telling your therapist you’re stressed, New York is actually way less stressed than a number of other cities, according to a Forbes report that analyzed U.S. metropolitan areas based on high unemployment, long commute times, long work hours, limited access to health care, poor physical health, and a lack of exercise.

NYC only made #8 on the list, being shown up by stressy places like Vegas, L.A., and Houston, among others. Don’t let the tourists know about this, they’ll walk even slower! And ask us for directions! Agh, STRESSSSS!

Here’s the breakdown:
1. Las Vegas
2. L.A.
3. Houston
4. Tampa
5. Riverside, CA
6. Miami
7. Dallas
8. New York
9. Chicago
10. Detroit

In fairness, though, there are plenty of things that make us stressed that this survey didn’t take into account, like not knowing what to order for lunch and forgetting where we put our keys and wondering if we’re going to die alone and crazy. Not to mention all of these things (Mister Softee’s jingle, indeed!).

But, honestly, we’d be way more stressed if we lived in Detroit.

[via NBC NY]