Let’s Critique Some Other “Play Guitar With Pavement On Jimmy Fallon” Contest Entries


So Pavement, in celebration of the five-night NYC stand that is (almost) finally upon us, are playing Jimmy Fallon later this month, and held a contest to determine their third guitarist — submit a video of yourself playing a Pavement song, submit yourself to whatever online-voting scheme Fallon will soon unveil, and become an indie-rock god for, like, four and a half minutes. Deadline for entries was Wednesday. Our own Stelios Phili submitted his own video, and we fully expect him to win. But YouTube right now features submissions from other hopefuls… let scope out the competition, shall we?

I’m still not convinced this dude doesn’t host that show Dirty Jobs. His guitar skills are passable, though he gets a little fancy and theatrical — this is Pavement, not the Who. Too clean-shaven, as well. I’d say the vocals were off but that’s probably closer to the genuine article than I’d really like to admit.

Yes, the old bearded-guy-in-the-shower gag. A nice anti-charisma though.

Terrible lighting but pretty rad, grungy tone, actually. (Oh, and nice coat.) Is there a reason though that a lot of these aren’t at all wacky? Was there a specific stipulation against wackiness?

I’m not watching four and a half minutes of this, but if that’s a T-shirt from the National this dude is DISQUALIFIED.

A nice pastoral/suburban-ennui quality to this: Singing “Shady Lane” while actually walking down a shady lane. I wonder if anyone’s informed this guy that the Arcade Fire thinks he’s living a life of quiet desperation.

Though the pedal steel is extraneous it’s nonetheless very much appreciated. This is actually really pretty. The fact that they keep fucking up is of course entirely appropriate.

More anti-charisma. Ambitious song choice, though he handles the semi-chorus pretty well actually. Is that a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger?

Anti-charisma taken to absurd extremes + split-screen action. This gentlemen seems fully aware that the Arcade Fire think he’s living a life of quiet desperation.

“This is me chasing a dream,” says the description. And if that doesn’t work out, console yourself with your impressive stereo.

Stelios is totally going to win this. Him, or a hot chick.