Morning Links: Emergency Landing at JFK Caught on Video; Park 51 Imam Says He’ll Let the Feds Approve Funding Sources


• At least one passenger caught the emergency landing of a Delta connection flight at JFK Airport on Saturday night with his cell phone camera. Despite malfunctioning landing gear, the pilot landed the plane safely and none of the 60-some passengers and crew were hurt. Insert the inevitable comparisons between the pilot and Sully. No mention of Steven Slater. [Fox, NYDN]

• Southwest Airlines is buying AirTran for $1.37 billion. [NYT]

• A Bronx elementary school teacher has come out with the news that she used to have sex for money. Parents are not impressed. [NYP]

• The imam behind the proposed mosque near Ground Zero says that he’ll let the U.S. government approve sources of funding for the project, to reduce fears that terror organizations would donate. [NYP]

• Jimi Heselden, owner of UK Segway, has died after riding a Segway off a cliff. [BBC]

• Lindsay Lohan will go back to rehab, according to “a source close to the actress.” [CNN]

• Starbucks is going to charge you more. [Consumerist]

• How can you tell an undercover NYPD taxi? Plate numbers beginning with T800, among other things. [NYC The Blog]

• The street sign indicating Joey Ramone Place has been raised to 20 feet high as opposed to the standard 12 or 14, to prevent theft. It’s been stolen three times since 2003. [EV Grieve]