Air Conditioner Falls from Sky, Lands on East Villager


Here’s something we didn’t even know we had to worry about: Air conditioners falling out of 6th-floor windows and ricocheting off of awnings and onto the heads of innocent passers-by. Yep. On what will go down in history as a very unlucky day for 67-year-old Tony Franzese, the poor man was just walking his Shih Tzu down 2nd Avenue at 3rd Street when he got bonked on the head with the errant A.C.

He reportedly suffered a head wound and was taken to Bellevue, where we’re told he’s in stable condition.

The NYPD also told us that the A.C.’s fall had been determined an accident, with no charges against the tenant — a/k/a, “It was not pushed.” According to the New York Post, building inspectors have already ordered air conditioner brackets be installed immediately and given citations to the building’s owner.

Unluckier still for Franzese, he’d recently been evicted from his apartment and is supposed to be gone by Thursday.

But! The awning of the Wine Bar, which generously took the brunt of the initial impact, may have saved his life, says the Wine Bar’s owner, Raymond Azzi. So there’s that.

[via NYP, CBS]