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The $104 MetroCard Is Here; Let the Bloodletting Commence


Well, it happened. We knew it would, but now it’s a done deal. The MTA has voted 12 to 2 to approve fare increases for subways, buses, and the commuter rail. Insanely, this marks a 65 percent increase over the last 12 years. The highest inflation rate over the last 10 years, in comparison, has been 3.8 percent.

As long suspected, the 30-day unlimited card goes up 17 percent to $104, starting December 30. An unlimited weekly card is now $29, and single rides are now $2.50.

In increasing the monthly unlimited card the most, the MTA is hurting those who actually ride the subway the most, which pretty much sucks, even though, per the New York Times:

Transit officials said this action was fair, because that group also tends to be more affluent than other riders, according to the authority’s survey data.

For your unlimited card to actually pay off, you’ll need to ride the subway some 50 times a month.

In other changes: MetroNorth and LIRR tickets will go up between 7 and 14 percent, and there will be a buck surcharge on people who, like us, lose and have to buy a new MetroCard instead of adding money to their current one.

The Times also points out that the 30-day pass cost $63 a month when it was introduced in 1998. Insane.

[via NYT]

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