Morning Links: Chilean Miners Emerge (Video); East Village Explosives Are More Than a Decade Old


• The 33 Chilean miners are being brought to safety after 69 days underground, sucessfully so far — the 11th is now out. Upon being raised to the surface in narrow capsules, they are given medical checks at a triage area, evaluated at a field hospital, and finally reunited with family before being flown to the hospital. Prior to their rescue, they also got media training. [Pat’s Papers, The Star]

• Here’s video of the first miner emerging. If you don’t get a little weepy, you are stronger than us:

In other news,

• Carl Paladino once collected rent from two gay clubs in downtown Buffalo, including one run by his son between 2004 and 2005. Yesterday Paladino told the gay community he was sorry for his “poorly chosen words,” and that if he was elected he’d “stand and fight for all gay New Yorkers’ rights.” Then he called Cuomo “oily.” [NBC NY, NYT]

• A 10th suspect has been arrested in the recent anti-gay attacks in the Bronx. [NYP]

• New York has no-fault divorce now, which experts say could “open the floodgates.” We’ll see. [NBC NY]

• Explosives found in the East Village’s Marble Cemetery are more than a dozen years old, and were probably stolen from a military base at some point. [NYT]

• President Obama is related to Sarah Palin. And Rush Limbaugh. And probably you. [WP]

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