Man Doesn’t Sleep for 40 Days. Witness His Progression Into Madness!


You’d have to be kind of crazy to not want to sleep for 40 days, right? Sleep is one of the goodnesses of life, like butter or bacon or wine (or buttery bacon-wine). But 28-year-old Californian Tyler Shields, who also, for what it’s worth, is a celebrity photographer and director, does not need or crave sleep like we do, apparently. At least, not so much that he didn’t say no to going without it for 968 hours straight.

Sadly, the Daily Mail says the Guinness Book of World Records won’t recognize Shields’s efforts because they say they can’t prove he actually did it — and also, it’s “too dangerous to attempt.” We’ve heard that going without sleep for too long will make you certifiably insane. Let’s see…

During the time he was awake, there were “fevers, headaches, eye pain, and the loss of feeling in his legs.” Sounds bad.

At one point, he got creepily reflective. Via his website:

I believe people can do anything they want but to do anything worth while you have to have commitment and you have to be willing to give up all the things you think you need and truly free your self to get what you want. If you never challenge yourself you never know how far you can go! When everyone says something is impossible and you know that its not do it nothing is impossible…

On another sleepless night, he wrote, “I took this ghetto blaster from a man while he was walking with it. Also I HAVE REACHED 22 DAYS WITHOUT SLEEPING!”

And then there’s this announcement:

The 40th day! As I closed in on my goal my mind was doing all it could to keep me awake and also be able to shoot I had the bright idea that I would get in a bed and have some friends set me on fire and that is exactly what happened!

Yep, pretty crazy.

Then, when he finally fell asleep, it was like he was “hungover.” Or possibly drunk, even though he doesn’t drink:

‘I slept six hours and when I woke up it took me 15 minutes to put my pants on,’ he told AOL News.

So, in summation, this is not something we will ever do. Sometimes it takes us 15 minutes to put our pants on even WITH sleep!

The benefit, Shields claims, is that none of his friends can ever say they’re exhausted now. Except, we bet they will, especially during this current 15 minutes.