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Sarah Palin’s Moronic ‘Blood Libel’ Claim in Jared Loughner/Gabby Giffords Horror


America’s mainstream press is so polite, so scared. At least the overseas papers know when to call “bullshit” during coverage of the Jared Loughner saga. Sarah Palin’s claim of being a victim of “blood libel” is so ludicrous as to defy belief. Or as Damian Thompson, blogs editor of the Telegraph (U.K.), says in a headline, “Seriously, this woman is nuts.”

Hey, Palin! “Blood libel” — a phrase usually used these days only by Muslim fanatics — is the centuries-old myth of Jews’ sacrificing Christian babies and drinking their blood. (The Washington Post treats Palin’s stupidity with kid gloves. C’mon, you’re better than that.)

We all know how popular vampire tales are these days, but how many ways can Palin be wrong here? For starters, she’s not smart enough to be Jewish.

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