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Nate Smith Leaves Dean Street | Village Voice


Nate Smith Leaves Dean Street


A little more than a month after he helped open Dean Street, Nate Smith has parted ways with the restaurant.

The restaurant’s owners, John Longo and Rob Gelardi, posted the following message on the restaurant’s Facebook page almost an hour ago:

Having dined at Dean Street last Thursday, we wondered why Smith, a well-regarded Spotted Pig alum whose involvement in the restaurant helped fuel a good deal of hype, didn’t appear to be in the kitchen. This would seem to be the answer.

According to one source, the owners didn’t want Dean Street to be a fancy restaurant but instead a regular pub, putting Smith’s somewhat refined fare at odds with their vision.

A couple of Facebook users have already registered their disapproval with the development. One particularly vitriolic comment reads “This place is sure to be the ordinary corner pub the owners envision it to be. way to fuck yourselves.” Whether the owners will continue to draw crowds to a relatively remote corner of Prospect Heights without Smith’s name remains to be seen, but we’re holding out hope that even if he’s no longer there, his curried cauliflower will be.

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