Schnitzel & Things Is Planning a Mini-Empire


Souvlaki GR isn’t the only food truck with an imminent storefront opening on the horizon. Schnitzel & Things is opening a big, fat brick-and-mortar outpost on Third Avenue next Monday, and it seems that that’s only the beginning.

DNAinfo reports that the two-time Vendy Award finalist has three stores in the works. In addition to the first, which is located on Third Avenue between 45th and 46th streets, owners Oleg and Gene Voss are hoping to eventually open two more at as yet undisclosed locations.

It turns out that the brothers are more than happy to be off the streets, and that’s perhaps what’s most interesting about this. The food-truck hype of the last two or so years has led many to believe that running a truck is as fashionable as it is liberating, a sort of branding opportunity without the hassles of a long-term lease and building permits.

The Voss brothers, however, made it clear that they won’t miss the heat, the cold, and the cops. Now that they’ve got a store, they’re hiring other people to deal with all of that, which could be taken as the most blunt — and honest — measure of food-truck success: Conquer the streets and then let somebody else do the driving.