Astoria Has a New Restaurant Row; New Yorkers Eating Double the Salt


A food fight has broken out between Modern Indian chefs in London and traditional Indian chefs in Mumbai and New Delhi, who say they are staying true to the spiciness of Indian food.
[Wall Street Journal]

Pachanga Patterson is the latest addition to the restaurant row in Astoria, which includes close to a dozen restaurants that have opened in recent years.
[Wall Street Journal]

According to various surveys, consumers’ impressions of Taco Bell are already bouncing back after the fast-food chain was accused of using mostly filler in its meat.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Walmart says it will triple the amount of food sourced from small and medium farmers by 2015 and provide sustainability training to 1 million farmers in its food-supply chain.
[Wall Street Journal]

Pork producers are seizing the opportunity to send pork to Japan in the wake of last week’s 9.0 earthquake and tsunami.
[Green Bay Press Gazette]

A new study reveals that New Yorkers are eating twice as much salt as they should, mostly from prepackaged sources.
[NY Times]

Thirty-one people were arrested in the drug ring run out of a Staten Island ice cream truck that was selling generic OxyContin.

Jack in the Box is the latest chain to roll out a food truck, a 34-footer that will circulate Southern California. It’s dubbed Jack’s Munchie Mobile.
[Wall Street Journal]