The 10 Best Post-Prison Lil Wayne Songs (Plus the Other 16!)


It’s been almost 5 months, or 141 days, or 3384 hours, or 203,040 minutes since Lil Wayne got out of jail. And in that time, by our count, he’s made 26 new musical appearances. A few of these might have been recorded before he went to jail (pre-probation-Wayne’s maniacally hoarse voice generally being the tip-off), and many are remixes or features. But it still seems like a lot, and even if most aren’t yet the monstrous sort of hits that he dominated the radio with pre-jail, they probably soon could be. Which is to say, it turns out post-jail Wayne is pretty much as good as pre-jail Wayne. To prove it, we’ve counted down our top ten, and rounded up the rest for your enjoyment.

10. “Welcome To My Hood” DJ Khaled ft. Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Rick Ross and Plies

“I’m on probation, so my nerves bad,” he begins, and you can hear it. He sounds edgy and out for revenge: “Back from hell, Cell 23/Tell Warden, kiss my ass.”

9. “We Back Soon”

Even on probation, he keep’s the lighter-flicks going. “Can I live and if I can/Can I live it up?,” he asks.

8. “If I Die Today,” Lil Wayne ft. Rick Ross

As has been pointed out by basically everyone, this really should have been called “I’m A Star Pt. 2.” Supposedly the second single of The Carter IV, “If I Die Today” is most notable for what it says about the album—mostly, that it’s real. Universal has taken down most of the YouTube rips of the song, so someone has some sort of stake in it at least.

7. “Hustle Hard (Remix),” Ace Hood ft. Lil Wayne and Rick Ross

Wayne comes in loud and clear on this Lex Luger produced track: “I get on anybody’s track/ Hit that bitch with that Wayne train.”

6. “I Hate Love”

As much as this hurts to listen to, it sounds like it’s hurting Wayne ten times more to get through.

5. “Motivation” Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has a good track record with the Destiny’s Child girls—c.f. “Soldier” and the Drought 3‘s try at “Upgrade.” This is different, slower, sweeter, uh, deeper? “This is deep, yeah, but I go deeper/ Make you lose yourself, finders keepers.”

4. “Fire Flame (Remix)” Birdman ft. Lil Wayne

First we heard of Wayne, post-release, and listen to his voice! He sounds so fresh and healthy!

3. “Roman’s Revenge 2.0,” Nicki Minaj Feat Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne should really have been on the original, but we’ll take what we can get. Weezy both out-nimbles and out-preforms Nicki — a rare feat — like it’s nothing. 10 for 10 on the tire-screech ad-lib, too.

2. “Look At Me Now” Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes

While it sounds like Diplo and Afrojack made this beat expressly for Busta Rhymes to do his thing, Lil Wayne shows up and proves, once again, that he can really do what he does anywhere: “I’m a nuisance, I go stupid/I go dumb like the Three Stooges.”

1. “Six Foot, Seven Foot” Lil Wayne ft. Cory Gunz

First single off the Carter IV. Not quite “A Milli,” but really, really close. And Wayne deserves an Oscar for this video, don’t you think?

And the rest, in order of appearance: “Hoes & Ladies” T-Wayne “Fuck You” Slim Thug ft. Lil Wayne “Strobe Lights” Diddy-Dirty Money (Feat Lil Wayne) “Someone To Love Me (Remix)” Mary J. Blige (feat Lil Wayne and Diddy) “Can A Drummer Get Some (Remix)” Travis Barker ft. Lil Wayne, Swizz Beatz, Game and Rick Ross “Hit The Lights” Jay Sean (feat Lil Wayne) “Soo Woo” Game feat Lil Wayne “Bow Chicka Wow Wow (Remix)” Mike Posner ft. Lil Wayne “Green And Yellow” “Grenade (Remix)” Bruno Mars ft. Lil Wayne “Rock N Roll” Swizz Beatz ft. Lil Wayne and Lenny Kravitz “Money In My Pocket (Remix)” Short Dawg ft. Lil Wayne “Miss That Pussy” Lloyd ft Lil Wayne “Love Affair” Lil Twist ft. Lil Wayne “Red Nation” Game Ft. Lil Wayne “All Of The Lights (Remix)” Kanye West ft. Lil Wayne, Big Sean and Drake