In the Realm of Promotional Food Trucks, Now We’ve Seen Everything: Tom Colicchio to Cook Game of Thrones Dishes, Curbside


The History Channel’s Swamp People isn’t the only TV show getting promoted with a pop-up food truck. Game of Thrones, the small-screen adaptation of fantasy author George R.R. Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire saga, is also coming to the streets of New York in food-truck format. And with a famous chef at the helm, to boot.

Per The Escapist magazine, Tom Colicchio has created dishes to match each of the five fictional regions from the Game of Thrones world. “The Wall” region is cold but coastal, and so gets a Blackfish Stew; “the Riverlands” is a more typical fantasy forest, where you might find something like Squab and Sweet Corn Fritters. The show premieres on HBO on April 17; the food truck will trawl the streets of New York this week and L.A. next week.

If you didn’t play Dungeons & Dragons or read much Tolkien as a kid, you might be confused? Heck, you’re probably confused even if you did. Let Colicchio himself explain just how gourmet mobile vending ties into a medieval fantasy land.